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How to promote React project from Github repository

How to promote React project from Github repository

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Stanley Ruheza
·Jun 23, 2022·

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So you built your React as an open-source project? Nice. But what next when your project is ready to be used? A lot of effort and time invested to build it to serve the community of your fellow developers, but how will they know? How will your project noticed so that people can start using it?

It's obvious that it's weird trying to get noticed in the community, especially for those of us who are humble about our work. And that's most likely because we enjoy what we do. But for the thrive of the project we must learn how to promote and make people aware about our projects.

Promoting your React projects may be a tricky task especially when there's no one using your project. Convincing people to believe on your idea and be ready to use or contribute your repository is not a joke. I've prepared a list of what you can do to promote your React projects.

Tweet about the repository

Social network may play a vital role to help you promote your React repository. Build your project, push it on github then tweet about it.

Use well the hashtags in twitter to increase the reach out, depending on tech stacks involved to build the project. Don't just post quietly. Some good hashtags for react projects including, #ReactJS, #javascript, #javascript30, #100DaysOfCode

Promote on Tweeter is very important because it has large community of developers. It is easy for developer to notice your project on Tweeter than any other social media (just from my personal view and experience).

Publish your project on resource websites related to React

By resources website i mean the websites which write about particular tech stack. People submit their projects and write about it to educate the community and promote their projects.

For example, In reactjsexample, you can submit your project by click "Submit A Project" where you can submit your work.

The following are sample resources where you can share your project.

Github trends

Build a a very useful project such that the community will use it now and then. This is a key to place your project on Github trending. When your repository is on trending list, it get more visitors and get more promoted.

How does the project get in this trending list? The project get in the list if it has many stars in a week. Wherever you share your project, make sure you tell them to star your project.


Write about it on Indie Hacker

Just like Reddit, IndieHacker is the developer community platform where you can share, ask and read about various tech projects and hacks. It has two features which are very important for promoting your project; community and podcasts. Meaning, you can post the project on a respective community Eg. React community or you can even start your podcast where you talk about your projects and how are they useful to the community.

Go ahead and open up an account and start promoting your projects today!

Share it on discord community

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app that's used by thousands of developers world wide. It is one of the great medium that connects developers from different corners around the world and join them in the communities. As a developer, its good to use discord to get connected with the community of fellow developers where you can learn and share your React projects (even other tech projects too). You can share your github repository in these community and get noticed. This is what you can do:

  • Create an account in discord
  • Open it then click on Explore public server
  • Then search for React servers


As you can see the search result, more than 150 servers for react. You can join these servers and share your repository there ("server" in discord has the same meaning as a group or community).

Write an article about your repository

Article is a great tool in reaching developers' community. Promoting your React projects can be a bit trick if you only share with your people in your circle. Articles go further and read by people you don't know. You can use platform such as hashnode,, medium etc. there are alot more. What to include in your article?

  • Show the value of your project, show which problem are you solving.
  • Describe how simple your project is, to install and run it.
  • Describe the use cases to implement your project.

Optimize SEO

When choose to write about your project, one of the key things to pay attention to is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To promote your project, anything you write about the project has to be read by the mass, gain more traffic and reach more people.

These are the tips to consider (to optimize SEO) when writing any document (eg. article) about your React project:

  • Do a keyword research Research by googling to know the keywords which relate to React project or tech related. Using the right keywords to describe your project will help to draw many readers.

  • Catchy title and brief description about the project It's easy to optimize the search engine results to users if you write "catchy" title. A title which will easily draws traffic on your project.

  • Headings and tags On any platform you write about your project, consider using right tags where necessary. For example on, Medium and Hashnode you can use reactjs, javascript, react-project, react, etc.

Share it on newsletter

There are specific newsletters which you can share your react project. You can write about your React project and share it on these newsletters. These are:

Post it on Reddit

Reddit is another social media which is very potential and has a great developer community. Promoting a react project is easy with Reddit and it is a go-to place in order to reach potential users. In particular, promotion there has to be done carefully so as to avoid get banned.

Posting on other subreddits which are not related with your project (or topic) may result into immediate ban. To tackle this challenge, you should write little bit about your project and show how it provide value to the community. Be careful to choose subreddits with the same topic as your project. Here are some:

In summary

In summary, you may find all the ways above are even more easy to do them. One thing unlocks all the methods and approaches we might think about in promoting our projects - the value of your project.

Building a project which really helps the community will automatically draws attention and get used and adopted quickly in the community and sometimes even generate a side income. There're alot of React open source project out there but getting one useful is hard. So before you even start building you should ask yourself if the project will have impact on the community and solve a specific problem.

Once you're clear with the problem you're dealing with, its the right time to build it and start promoting it. Until then, don't just build blindly. Otherwise, keep on promoting your project.

Cheers, Happy coding !

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